Captain Heck (capthek) wrote in progressivism,
Captain Heck

I am done grading my geography class for the semster:

So now I turn to you all for conversations about maps, demographics, and geographic analysis. Can we connect politics with safety or incomes? Would this back up that areas with less income and thus less social services such as health care or education also tend to vote republican??? Does anybody see any interesting other connections that are not obvious to me??? Does anybody have any interesting other maps that could connect with these themes?
How safe or unsafe is your geographic area of the nation? Click on any of them a couple of times to make them bigger.

Who voted for who?

How did it go back in 1992? Interesting to see how things have and have not changed.

How does this compare with income in our nation?

This is my response to trolls.

This is for good arguments:

And this is just to spread some holiday cheer.
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